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Tooth Replacement Options For Missing Teeth In Portland Oregon

Our Portland Oregon patients can achieve beautiful, healthy smiles in spite of dental tragedies or issues with our top quality restorative dentistry services. Restorative dentistry treatments fix and repair damage while they revitalize your oral health. Let us give you a second chance at a long-lasting smile with our comprehensive range of restorative services.

dental crowns

Each dental crown is crafted individually for each patient to fit perfectly and feel natural. Dental crowns are caps that can restore or enhance the shape of a natural tooth that has suffered from significant tooth damage or decay. Each crown is made with high quality porcelain materials. We never use amalgam or metal crowns.

dental bridges

A dental bridge is an affordable way to fill in the gap left by a missing tooth. We can use dental bridges to replace single or multiple teeth that have been lost. Dental bridges are created with a series of beautiful, custom-crafted porcelain crowns that look beautiful and feel comfortable.

dental implants

Dental implants are the best option for missing teeth, because they are the only restorative procedure that can restore the tooth root as well as the tooth crown. With a dental implant you’ll be able to enjoy all the activities you loved before your tooth loss. Dental implants keep the jawbone healthy and prevent bone deterioration.

root canals

When a tooth has become severely infected, a root canal treatment can help you save that tooth and protect the other teeth in your mouth. A root canal procedure can prevent other serious problems and eliminate the severe chronic toothache that is often associated with the infection.


We provide high end custom, traditional, and implant supported dentures in Clackamas and Gresham. If you’re missing all or almost all of your teeth, you may be interested in one of our many denture options. Find the best option that works for you and enjoy the benefits of a full, functional smile again.

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