All-On-4 Permanent Dentures At Brookside Dental In Portland

Losing your natural teeth can be devastating, but at Brookside Dental, our team can help you smile again. We offer a full range of denture options for our patients in Portland, Clackamas, and Gresham. Our dentures are a perfect restorative option for patients who have lost all, or almost all, of their natural teeth. No matter what your needs are, we have an option that is right for you. We provide both full and partial denture sets to our Oregon patients. We also provide high-end custom, traditional, and implant supported denture options including All-on-4.

Traditional and High-End Custom Dentures

Our high-end custom dentures are made with the highest quality materials and utilize the highest level of dental artistry. High-end custom denture sets are made individually for each patient and are designed for optimal fit and comfort. With traditional or high-end custom dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy all the activities that you enjoyed before your tooth loss. Traditional or high-end custom dentures will allow you to eat, laugh, talk, and smile again with a beautiful, full set of teeth. Our traditional dentures are completely removable and are easy to maintain. We design each set of dentures to look beautiful and completely natural. You’ll love the increase of self esteem and confidence that will come from having a beautiful set of teeth again.

Implant Supported Dentures and All-On-4

Our implant supported dentures use a series of strategically placed dental implants to secure your dentures to your mouth. Implant supported dentures can still be removed, but will never slip or click out of place. With implant supported dentures, you won’t have to use special dental adhesive to attach your teeth, and you’ll never have to worry about your teeth slipping out during social situations. Implant supported dentures are a popular denture option because they provide extra jawbone support and prevent deterioration. Now with All-On-4, we can give our patients a new set of beautiful teeth after only one appointment.

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