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At Brookside Dental in Clackamas and Gresham, we apply a holistic philosophy to all of our dentistry services. The word “holistic” refers to the way that a small part of something can affect the whole. We apply this to dentistry by keeping your whole health in mind before we begin any procedure.

We Don’t Just Want Your Smile To Be Healthy, We Want You To Be Healthy

At our practice, we understand that the health of your smile can be directly related to how good you feel, inside and out. Our team at Brookside Dental cares about each patient individually and wants to serve each patient with dentistry that will help them find greater fulfillment and enjoyment. We will work with you to help you achieve a level of oral health that will increase your overall health and help you achieve a higher state of well-being.

Feel Secure Knowing Your Dentistry is Mercury Free with Brookside Dental Holistic Dentistry

An important part of our holistic approach is that we will never use a substance in our procedures to help your oral health that could have a negative affect on your overall health.

In the past, dentists have used silver or amalgam fillings that have been known to contain trace amounts of mercury. Mercury is a toxin that can sometimes travel from the tooth and cause serious health problems including cardiovascular issues, collagen diseases, food allergies, neurological disorders, and a weakened immune system. At Brookside Dental, you will never have to worry about trace amounts of mercury, because our practice is 100% mercury free and we only use composite dental fillings.

Enjoy 100% Mercury Free Procedures From Your Brookside Dental Mercury Free Dentist

At our practice, we never use metal or amalgam fillings that could contain mercury. Instead we use safe tooth-colored composites that look attractive and natural. We protect each patient’s health with top quality care and top quality materials. You will never have to worry about mercury or other harmful toxins being present in our procedures. Our practice prides itself on being completely mercury free.

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